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How To File the 2012 FBAR (Form TD F 90-22.1)

posted Jun 24, 2013, 1:25 PM by Krozel Capital

The FBAR is not filed with the filer's federal income tax return. You may not request an extension for filing the FBAR.

The FBAR is an annual report and must be received by the Department of the Treasury in Detroit, MI, on or before June 30th of the year  following the calendar year being reported (i.e. your 2012 FBAR is due by June 30th, 2013).


         1)    You can efile your FBAR at


Note that efiling will be mandatory beginning July 1, 2013.


If you normally file your FBAR with your spouse the efiling process does not yet allow for both signatures on the same electronic form. So if you efile, each spouse will have to efile a separate FBAR.


2)   You can mail your FBAR, provided that the mailing is received by June 30, 2013:


          Print and sign/date the FBAR (Lines 44 & 46 of page 1)

          If you are filing a joint FBAR, both sign on Line 44 (yes, it is small so sign tiny!).

File by mailing the FBAR to:

United States Department of the Treasury
P.O. Box 32621
Detroit, MI 48232-0621

If a private delivery service is used (i.e. FedEx, UPS, DHL), address the parcel to:

IRS Enterprise Computing Center
ATTN: CTR Operations Mailroom, 4th Floor
985 Michigan Avenue
Detroit, MI 48226

Delivery messenger service contact telephone number: (313) 234-1062.

Keep the proof of mailing for your records.